Photo of letter blocks saying YES YOU CAN
Photo of letter blocks saying YES YOU CAN

“There’s a lot of intelligence out there being wasted by underestimating students’ potential to develop.” — Marva Collins

High expectations. We hear this phrase all the time in the education world but what exactly are they? How big of an impact do our expectations as teachers have on student outcomes? What do they look like in practice?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines expectation as, “the feeling or belief that something will or should happen”. Applying this to the classroom context, having high expectations of students would therefore comprise the belief that students can and will learn. A teacher with high expectations…

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Full disclosure: I have no idea what I am doing either. Like the rest of the world, I am finding my feet in the Covid-19 world and figuring out what it means for me as an educator. I am also writing from a very privileged place as my partner is presently working, I do not have any dependents at home and I am healthy. Please take what’s helpful & leave what’s not.

Fortunately, the Victorian School Holidays came at the perfect time which has given me time to process these changes, research and process some more. What awaits me after…

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Is there anything more inspirational than when you walk into a classroom of young children and they are ALL engaged and doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing? You look around thinking, “How in the world are these 5 year olds working away, seemingly enjoying their work?!” Then the inevitable reasons/excuses pop into your head about why your students aren’t this engaged, be it Michael’s behaviour challenges, the number of students in your class or the fact you’re the Special Education teacher. …

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One of my favourite aspects of teaching is that every year you have the chance to start fresh. It is always filled with so much opportunity (alongside a slight pang of dread that the holidays are coming to an end). It’s the time to implement some things you never had a chance to last year, to refine and improve your skills, the time to get to know a beautiful new group of children and of course time to design and set up your new classroom. Enjoy these last few days before the school year starts because it truly is the…

Jamie Lynn Hollingsworth

I teach students of all abilities to reach their full potential.

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